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Vintage Art Glass Cat's Head Vase in Pink and Blue


This beautiful piece was designed by Mid-Century Czech designer, Josef Hospodka, and was manufactured by the Chribska Glassworks.   This vase, in a beautiful mix of pink and light blue glass, is known to some collectors as  the 'Cat's Head Vase' due to its stylised cat's head design.  

Like the better known glassworks of Murano, the Czech glassworks have been making beautiful quality glass for centuries.  With the rise of the Iron Curtain following World War II, knowledge of "Bohemian Glass" as it was previously called, declined.  However, because Communist authorities did not see glass design as a form of artistic expression that needed to be controlled, many great glass designers were allowed to continue their work unhampered.  Following the formation of the Czech Republic in 1993, more and more has become known about these designers and their beautiful work.  And, appreciation of this work is growing quickly.

This piece stands about 19.5cm high and is about 19cm wide 'ear to ear'.  It is in very good condition with no chips or cracks.

Item Location:  Wellington, New Zealand

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